Secondary School PTAs

Running a PTA at secondary school is a whole different ball game to running one at primary school when there’s far less opportunity to chat to parents at the school gates. Often, there is less enthusiasm from parents who either don’t have time to help or have run out of steam from volunteering during their child’s primary years. It can often be more challenging at a secondary school to know how to make your PTA a success.

Importance of a parent body at secondary school

Having a PTA at secondary school remains as important as it is at primary school and by widening its remit you can make a real difference to these all-important years for your child.

Secondary school PTAs can not only provide much- needed fundraising for the school but they can also bring parents together to have a voice in school decision- making and ensure that the emotional wellbeing of children remains as much a focus as their intellectual gain. Most importantly, being on a PTA can help you be actively involved in your children’s’ school; what better way to understand their problems than by knowing more about their world?

From speaking to secondary school PTA members, we have identified three key areas of most concern to them and have developed specific guidance to help your PTA meet these challenges head on.

Getting people involved

Teen-appropriate fundraising ideas

Parent engagement

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