Charity Registration

Many PTAs meet the requirements to register as a charity, so PTA UK actively promotes charity registration for all eligible associations. There is no charge currently for PTAs to register as a charity. Charity registration provides formal recognition of the PTA and gives your association a legal status which is publicly acknowledged.

In England and Wales it is a legal requirement for organisations engaged in charitable activities, with an annual income of more than £5,000, to register as a charity with the Charity Commission. For more information see Charity Registration - England and Wales. 

In Northern Ireland it is now a legal requirement for all PTAs to register as a charity, regardless of size or income level, or whether they have already received charitable tax status from HMRC. There are no exceptions or exemptions, and failure to register could result in High Court Action against your PTA committee members. The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland (CCNI) has appointed PTA NI as a 'Helper Group' and recommends that "All PTAs contact PTA NI for guidance on registering under its approved common governing document." For more information see Charity Registration - Northern Ireland.

Benefits of registering as a charity include: