Community Donations
Your local business community could support your PTA through sponsorship, raffle prizes and promotion. Find out the best way to make the approach here.
Fundraising Programmes
Online shopping, selling for commission, art projects, collection and recycling - established schemes that you can access immediately.
Gift Aid
Are you taking advantage of this government scheme that is essentially money for nothing? For every £1 donated you could receive an extra 25p.
Matched Giving
Too busy working to volunteer? Working parents can contribute to the school’s fundraising by asking their employers to match their donations £ for £, donate time and resources, or offer services such as printing fliers and posters.
Payroll Giving
Payroll Giving is a unique, simple and tax-effective way for parents to give to the PTA on a regular basis.
Introduce a simple sponsorship scheme in conjunction with your local business community to boost income from larger events, such as Spring, Christmas and Summer fairs.
Types of Events
There are a wide variety of fundraising events that PTAs have found to be successful. Some are more profitable than others, but raising money is not always the only objective. Running social events that bring together your school and local community can be equally important and rewarding.
Trusts & Foundations
There are about 8,800 grant-making trusts and foundations in the UK with the top 500 awarding approximately £3.9 billion each year to charitable causes.