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PTA Fundraising

Before You Start

A few things to think about to ensure your events are as successful as possible. 

Ashfield Girls High School Dance Show
There are a wide variety of tried and tested fundraising events that PTAs have found to be successful. Some are more profitable than others, but raising money is not always the only objective. Running social events that bring together your school and local community can be equally important and rewarding. 
When considering which events you'd like to offer it can be useful to hear from other PTAs who have run similar events, particularly so you can hear first-hand about potential pitfalls and things that work well. Post your questions on our Facebook page or our Twitter page.
Some events, particularly major fundraising projects, can involve an initial financial layout, which you may not be able to fully recover if attendance is lower than expected or the weather is inclement. It is very important to do as much research as possible before deciding to run a particular event, as the Committee could be held responsible for any loss. Some of the more popular PTA fundraisers include:
  • fetes and fairs
  • discos
  • quiz evenings
  • auctions
  • international evening
  • film nights
  • bingo
  • cake sales
  • treasure hunts
  • barn dances and balls
Ask your school community what they want and at the same time, see if you can encourage more volunteers to step forward. Use our Parents' Questionnaire, which you can modify to suit your own needs. 
Make sure you have adequate insurance cover in place. PTA-UK members automatically have public liability insurance cover in places as part of their annual membership. PTAs should not be running events without insurance - if there is an incident you and your committee colleagues may be held liable.
You also need to think about any licences you may need for your event. If you have live or recorded music (including school discos), are selling or supplying alcohol, and have a raffle where you are selling tickets in advance of the event, then you will need a licence.
And finally - the success of your event will depend on how you promote it, so make sure you give yourself plenty of lead time to advertise the event through as many channels as possible:
  • PTA and school newsletters
  • PTA and school noticeboards
  • PTA and school websites
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Local promotion through community halls / shops / libraries / supermarket community boards
  • Local radio and press
  • Word of mouth - class representatives
  • Pupil post / school book bags

Good luck and remember to tell us about your PTA successes.

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