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Are you PTA activities adequately insured? 

Fireworks Event

PTAs should not hold events without adequate insurance. The PTA-UK subscription-linked insurance package has been tailored to cover the essential insurance needs of PTAs and fully meets local authority requirements. Membership of PTA-UK gives you and your committee colleagues' peace of mind with £10 million Public Liability cover which includes inflatables, firework events, pony rides and catering at PTA events.

The following claims settled, or handled, through PTA-UK subscription-linked insurance illustrate the need for insurance:-

  • £12,143 paid to a pupil who fell and broke her collar bone having tripped because of a hole left by a marquee erected for a summer fete
  • £500 paid to the owner of a vehicle damaged by a firework from a PTA display 
  • £850 payment made to a school to repair the damage caused when oil and diesel from a fair ride at a PTA event spilled onto tarmac in a school playground
  • a child injured whilst on a bouncy castle, the claim is currently still being investigated but it is possible there will be a payment made of £11,000 (based on previous claims)

Public Liability

Public Liability cover protects the association, its officers and members against their legal liability for injury or death to any third party and / or damage to property as a result of negligence. The indemnity limit is £10 million for any one incident. The cover within this section of PTA-UK subscription-linked policy is specifically designed for PTAs and is therefore much more comprehensive than a standard policy for charities / voluntary groups. The insurance cover applies to PTA events that your association runs, anywhere in the world. 

Listed below are some of the most common activities that PTAs offer, which are covered by PTA-UK subscription linked insurance policy (some conditions apply to certain events - see the full insurance Insurance policy summary document for more detailed information or contact the PTA-UK Advice Line on 0300 123 5460 / info@ptauk.org.uk

  • using inflatables e.g. bouncy castles
  • catering at PTA events
  • using marquees
  • fun runs
  • after school clubs (operated by the PTA)
  • pony rides
  • fashion shows
  • art exhibitions

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