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Types Of Events

An introduction to the most popular PTA events.

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PTAs all over the UK hold a variety of events with the only thing holding them back being their imagination. Here at PTA-UK we know that there are some activities that are the backbone of PTA activity so here we introduce you to some of the most popular stalwart PTA fundraisers and social events. 

Fetes and fairs

These are often seasonal events (summer and Christmas for example) and can be very profitable, with some associations raising up to £10,000 in a single day.

Sponsored events

These are a popular way of raising money with the minimum numbers of helpers. In addition, if your association is registered as a charity you may also be able to claim back Gift Aid on the sponsorship donations, increasing the money you raise. 

Quiz nights

Quiz nights are a great way to bring the school community together. Administration is usually straightforward and you can often find an experienced quizmaster who will provide the questions and answers.

International evenings

International evenings are popular and benefit schools in many ways. For schools with pupils from a range of ethnic backgrounds, international evenings draw on that diversity and can make your events more accessible. In less diverse schools international evenings can raise awareness of other cultures.

Coffee mornings

These events often raise modest amounts of money but provide good opportunities for parents to get to know one another. They are also a great way for the PTA to promote forthcoming events and gain support for the PTA.


Although these can be run as a standalone event, barbeques often form part of another event such as a barn dance or summer fair. With the basis of the event being to sell barbecued food at a profit to raise funds this can be a large undertaking and requires careful planning.

Car boot sales

If your school has a suitable car park or other space available, running regular car boot sales could be a very profitable fundraiser for your PTA. Successful car boot sales require a lot of detailed planning and clever promotion, so that as many people as possible know about the event.

Film nights

With more and more schools having access to high quality audio-visual equipment or at least larger TV screens and DVD players, running a film night is relatively straightforward. Whether the idea is to fundraise for the school or to provide a regular social event to bring parents, teachers and pupils closer together, film is an ideal means of entertaining groups of all ages.

Second hand uniform sales

There is increasing pressure on schools to reduce the additional costs associated with sending a child to school. For most families, the biggest additional cost is school uniform.  Many PTAs run second hand uniform sales, some as a fundraiser, but increasingly as a way to support the school and help parents afford school uniform.

Bonfire and fireworks

Popular with many associations; it is very important to make sure that you have fully considered all the relevant safety issues. A seven point code of practice is included in the PTA-UK Insurance Policy Summary, which must be adhered to in full, for your subscription-linked insurance cover to apply.

Before you get cracking read through our quick checklist of key areas to consider when planning an event.


Before you embark on any type of fundraiser or social event, you must ensure that your association has Public Liability insurance in place. Members of PTA-UK automatically receive subscription-linked insurance cover as part of their annual membership fee. Check out the details of our subscription-linked insurance cover.

If you are using the services of a commercial company or third party, they must have their own Public Liability cover in place. Ask to see proof of this before the event as your PTA-UK subscription-linked insurance covers your PTA for holding the event but not the company providing the service/activity. Your local authority (LA) will be able to tell you what level of Public Liability insurance they require third parties to have. As there will be a minimum level, we recommend you check with the (LA) to understand their requirements.

Safeguarding children

PTA volunteers, by the nature of their role, will come into frequent contact with children. Therefore, PTAs have a duty of care to ensure that the safety and well being of children and vulnerable adults is taken into account.


When planning a PTA event you must investigate whether or not a licence is required; certain events will always require a licence.

Health and safety

Health and safety must be a key consideration at both the planning stage and at the event. A simple risk assessment should be undertaken for each PTA event, and each activity within the event, which should form part of your planning and preparation. Risk assessments should be kept simple; they do not need to be too onerous. Additional guidance can be sought from your school, your local authority and the HSE (Health and Safety Executive).


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