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Fundraising is key to all PTAs so here is some guidance on how to raise money without holding an event and some things to think about before you start.

Fundraising - Before You StartWednesday, 5 March, 2014

Some things to consider as you plan your fundraising activities. ... more

Fundraising - Commercial EventsWednesday, 5 March, 2014

A brief guide to working with commercial organisations on fund raising events ... more

Fundraising - Company Matched GivingWednesday, 5 March, 2014

Fundraise through your parent network and the companies they work for. ... more

Fundraising - Gift AidWednesday, 5 March, 2014

This information sheet gives you guidance on how to claim additional funding on donations through Gift Aid including information on the new Charities Online and the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme. ... more

Fundraising - Payroll GivingThursday, 6 March, 2014

How to raise funds through company based Payroll Giving schemes. ... more

Fundraising - Trusts and FoundationsThursday, 6 March, 2014

Access funding from grant-making trusts and foundations. ... more

Fundraising - Types of EventsThursday, 6 March, 2014

An introduction to some tried and tested PTA fundraisers. ... more

Fundraising - Working with Local BusinessesMonday, 3 March, 2014

Encourage the local business community to support your association. ... more

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