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As a PTA you have a duty of care to ensure that your association has adequate public liability insurance cover in place.  PTA-UK offers its members comprehensive £10 million subscription-linked public liability cover for all PTA run events. Our membership year runs from January 1 to December 31 - in order to ensure continuous insurance cover members are urged to renew promptly each year.  If you are not a member and are thinking of joining so that your association is adequately covered, click here for a information about membership. 

Making a claim

Please read this year's summary for details of how to make a claim. If you have received a Claim Notification Form (CNF) you must acknowledge this within 24 hours, giving details of your insurers who are currently Liberty Mutual Insurance under the PTA-UK combined policy; policy number 10000056285-01.

All Risk Cover for PTA Purchased ItemsMonday, 10 March, 2014

Your subscription linked insurance includes £500 of all risk cover for PTA purchased items. ... more

Glow Stick SafetyThursday, 22 May, 2014

Glow Sticks/bracelets/necklaces are very popular fundraisers for PTAs and something of which children never tire.  However, used incorrectly they can be a safety risk. Here are a few things to be considered before using them at your event; ... more

Helium Balloon Gas and Balloon ReleasesMonday, 10 March, 2014

The use of helium balloons is a very popular activity amongst PTAs and they are always a hit with the children. Whether organising a balloon release or just selling them at your event as a fundraiser, below are some guidelines which you must follow before running an event involving the use of helium balloons.   ... more

PTA InsuranceMonday, 3 March, 2014

PTA Insurance is one of many member benefits of PTA-UK. ... more

PTA-UK Subscription-Linked Insurance - An OverviewThursday, 22 May, 2014

Membership of PTA-UK automatically provides comprehensive subscription-linked insurance for your association ... more

Public Liability Bonfire and Firework EventsMonday, 10 March, 2014

If your PTA wants to run a bonfire/firework event, there is a specific Code of Practice that you must follow for your subscription-linked insurance to apply ... more

Public Liability Insurance - Ice Skating EventsTuesday, 11 March, 2014

PTA-UK members offering an ice-skating event as a seasonal fundraiser need to adhere to the following guidance ... more

Public Liability Insurance - InflatablesFriday, 20 June, 2014

PTA-UK's comprehensive insurance is hard to beat on value and cover. When your PTA, PTFA, Friends etc. joins PTA-UK, you automatically receive insurance cover for all your PTA activities wherever they are held. ... more

Public Liability Insurance - Pony RidesTuesday, 11 March, 2014

There are a number of factors to consider if you are thinking of offering pony rides. ... more

Public Liability Insurance - PTA Owned ItemsTuesday, 11 March, 2014

Your subscription-linked insurance cover with PTA-UK will cover your association for using items owned by your PTA for liability and damage. ... more

This information sheet is a benefit of PTA-UK membership. It is published by PTA-UK for its members. Content in whole or in part may not be produced without the express written permission of PTA-UK. For information please contact PTA-UK on info@pta.org.uk. PTA-UK has made every effort to ensure the content is accurate and correct at the time of publication but some details may be subject to change without notice. PTA-UK will not therefore be held responsible for loss or other liability that may result from actions or decisions taken by a PTA / member, based on the advice given.

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