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Running Your PTA

From starting a PTA to handing over, this series of Information sheets offers practical advice and models of good practice to help you manage a successful association.

AGM reports- Chair and Treasurer's guideThursday, 25 September, 2014

If you are a bit stuck with what to include in your chair or treasurer’s AGM report, here is your easy reference guide from PTA-UK. ... more

Charity BankingFriday, 29 August, 2014

CAF Bank offers an easy-access, high interest current account (CAF Cash) and deposit account (CAF Gold) exclusively for not-for-profit organisations. ... more

Committee Roles - ChairThursday, 25 September, 2014

The Chair provides leadership for the committee, sets the agenda for meetings and manages meetings in line with the agenda. ... more

Committee Roles - SecretaryThursday, 25 September, 2014

Key responsibilities are listed in this document to help you with your role as Secretary ... more

Committee Roles - TreasurerWednesday, 9 April, 2014

Key responsibilities are listed in this document to assist you in your role as Treasurer ... more

Committee Roles and ResponsibilitiesFriday, 29 August, 2014

Key facts on the roles and responsibilities of PTA committee members. ... more

Demonstrating The Value of Your PTATuesday, 25 February, 2014

Ways of demonstrating the value of your Association. ... more

Good Practice - A Guide For PTA TreasurersTuesday, 25 February, 2014

A very helpful and detailed document for all PTA Treasurers ... more

Good Practice - Be wise before you buySaturday, 15 February, 2014

PTAs make significant purchases - spending their funds to achieve their charitable objects and buying goods and services to support their fundraising and other activities.  Increasingly, purchases are being made online.  PTA-UK has put together this guide to help protect your PTA and to help you to be wise before you buy. ... more

Good Practice - Committee MeetingsTuesday, 25 February, 2014

Guidance on how to manage your PTA committee meetings ... more

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