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Making The Most of PTA Magazine

Your PTA-UK step-by-step guide on how to distribute PTA Magazine to committee members, parents and staff at your school.

PTA Magazine is provided in a digital format - as an interactive, page-turning magazine that can be read on screen.  This allows readers to link quickly and directly from the magazine through to other sources of information relevant to PTAs, enhancing the benefit the magazine provides.

It can be read by PTA committee members, parents and staff at your school.  Simply send them the link to give them their own personal copy. 

This can be featured on your PTA or school website, electronic newsletter or email. 

PTA-UK gives you step-by-step instructions to help get you started.

Step 1: Copy the web address for PTA Magazine

Launch the magazine in your web browser. You can do this by clicking any of the links we've provided - or you can click this link for the most recent edition.

Highlight the web address (URL) at the top of this newly launched page and select 'Copy' (click the right mouse button and select from the drop down menu list).

Your computer will store this web address (URL) until you select something else to copy.  You can now paste this web address wherever you would like it to appear and in digital resources this will appear as a hyperlink giving direct access to PTA Magazine.


STEP 2: Pasting a link to PTA Magazine

Paste this link wherever you would like it featured, (place your curser where you want the web address to appear, click the right mouse button and select 'Paste' from the drop down menu list).

This will show the web address (URL) in full. On anything digital this will appear as a hyperlink meaning it's possible to simply click on the link for it to open.  You will know the hyperlink is in place because the text will change colour and be underlined.

You may have to hold down the 'Control' key at the same time as clicking on the link to open it.


STEP 3: Embed a link to PTA Magazine

Alternatively, feature this as an embedded link, where the text you select in anything digital is hyperlinked to the magazine.

Usually this is done by highlighting the text you would like to link from, for example,'here is your personal copy of PTA Magazine'.  In Microsoft Outlook, click the right mouse button and select 'Hyperlink' from the drop down menu list.  Copy the web address (URL) into the box and press 'okay'. 

You will find that the text is hyperlinked to PTA Magazine without having to feature the long web address on your page.  You will know the hyperlink is in place because the text will change colour and be underlined. 

Making the most 3

Step 4: Putting a hyperlink in a digital editor

Digital editors are often used as a way to enter information on websites and on some email programmes.

Digital editors have a special link function as part of the main menu option. Simply, hover your mouse over the icons at the top of the page and see which one of them lets you add links. Once selected this usually opens up a small screen into which you can add the web address (URL).

Making the most 4

These instructions are PC specific.  Please refer to your own guidance on how to undertake a similar process for Apple devices.

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