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East Midlands

Geeta Parekh
01162 322544

If your PTA is based in the East Midlands then I'm your local point of contact. Please make a note of my telephone number and email address and if you need a helping hand then please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our Members' Advice Line is also there to support you and with our new 0300 prefix, calling PTA-UK is now even cheaper - 0300 123 5460 / 

There are some great things happening this term, so make a note to discuss the following with your committee:  

Local PTA workshops are underway so check out what’s happening near you and if you are interested in hosting a workshop on our behalf, give me a call.

Great fundraising opportunities like our partnerships with OriginalGiving and easyfundraising.  Sign your PTA up today.

We've been supporting PTAs for nearly sixty years and are the only registered charity and membership organisation for PTAs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We offer a range of unrivalled benefits including PTA insurance for all PTA run events and legal guidance on legislation that may affect a PTA's operation. Plus tangible resources and an ever-expanding Facebook community, where great ideas are always the topic of conversation.

If your PTA is a PTA-UK member then you are part of the single biggest network of PTAs in the UK. PTA-UK is proud to support and serve three out of every four PTAs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland - make sure you make the most our of your membership. 

Events in the region

Our free events cover a range of topics such as fundraising advice, how to get more parents involved, PTA good practice and much more.

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