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PTA-UK Supporters

Find out how PTA-UK works with headteachers, governors, local authority personnel, projects and organisations to provide support for all forms of PTA to maximise the benefit they provide to schools.

Please click below to see the details of each organisation and how we work together:

  • ChildLine: PTA-UK is encouraging its members to support a new ChildLine service aimed at recruiting 4,000 volunteers to talk to primary-aged school children
  • easyfundraising.org.uk: PTA-UK has teamed up with easyfundraising.org.uk to help PTA-UK members raise valuable funds and launch a major new UK fundraising initiative.
  • IntoFilm is simple and fun way for PTAs to support their schools with tonnes of resources and free films this is a great opportunity
  • Giant Sleepover: is a great fun and an opportunity to learn about children around the world.  
  • OriginalGiving: Your parents get all the fun and excitement of discounted entertainment and leisure offers and your PTA gets the commission
  • Stakeholders: Teachers governors and local authorities provide key suuport for PTA to achieve their aims

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