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ChildLine Schools Service

PTA-UK is encouraging its members to support a new ChildLine service aimed at recruiting 4,000 volunteers to talk to primary-aged school children. 


You could be part of  a national army of 4,000 volunteers to present assemblies and workshops in primary schools.

ChildLine has recently announced the national roll out of an ambitious new programme to visit every primary school in the UK by 2016, to help younger children's understanding of abuse and how they can stay safe.  Using assemblies and workshops, the new service is designed to encourage children to recognise situations where they may need help and to explain ways of accessing support. ChildLine has an ambition to speak to every primary school child, in every classroom of every community, to start a societal change that could bring about a long term reduction in child cruelty and PTA-UK believes its members can help.

NSPCC research shows that an average of two children in every primary school classroom has suffered from abuse or neglect and the majority of cases go undetected. These young children often feel alone and desperate and many have nobody to turn to.  Most children who contact ChildLine are over 11 years of age, however many of these children suffered in silence for months or even years before eventually finding the courage to contact ChildLine, leaving themselves and other children at risk from perpetrators. If we are really serious about stopping child abuse, we need to reach these children when they are younger.

The aim of this new ChildLine Schools Service is to give children the knowledge they need, in clear reassuring language which is age-appropriate. Delivered by volunteers, the programme will enable children to understand how to keep themselves safe and where to get help if they need it.  The sessions are sensitively tailored to ensure topics are covered in a way that children can understand and have been approved as suitable for nine to 11-year-olds by child protection specialists.

The service now needs to recruit a national army of 4,000 volunteers to reach 23,420 schools and over 1.8million children over the next 3 years. If you think you can help visit NSPCC's website for more information. 


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