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We believe it's essential that parents have a voice in education - in schools, locally, and at government level.

PTA UK already supports thousands of parents through our member PTAs, but we know we can do more, and there are many more ways for parents to participate in schools and education. We’re passionate about keeping you informed on what matters to you, so it's important that we understand what
you think and feel about all things education. One of the ways we do this is through research. Our parent surveys help PTA UK give an informed parent perspective to the debate on education policy and practices.

To help you influence positive change in your school community and beyond, we've put together some advice and tips that will support you
in a number of ways:

And we'll keep you in the know with:

Have a say in your school community
When parents are given a voice in decision making on school policy, it can have a positive impact on children’s learning, behaviour and attendance.
Have a say beyond your school community
85% of parents want a say in education. Make your views heard on important issues locally and nationally.
Have a say as part of our Parent Panel
Parent voice in education matters. Find out how our research panel helps more parents, engage in more schools, in more ways.