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The inspiring mother whose stories help her autistic son
by Tracey Handley
Sarah Phelps is a busy parent who did something special for her autistic son Thomas to help him understand the world - she made him the main character in a series of stories that has since become a book. Read more
Blog 16 June 2017
Tips and tricks to encourage sun safety this summer
by Clare O'Connor
After 20 years developing new products for sun protection and skin care, I've seen the importance of protecting our skin from the sun's rays. This is particularly true for children, whose skin is especially vulnerable to burning and damage.Read more
Blog 31 May 2017
How can we stay safe online?
by Hayley Francis
I think it’s great having the world at our fingertips! We can shop on the go, video call friends across the globe, share our favourite photos with family, use google maps to get around and so much more: but do children know how to stay safe?Read more
Blog 23 May 2017
What makes me tic? Living with Tourette's syndrome
by Steve Grimsey
When I was 15, I went to the doctor's to ask them about it, but twenty years ago it wasn't something they knew much about. As a result, they just left me to it. Thankfully, such an experience would be rare today, and doctors can help someone understand more about what TS is and how they can live with it.Read more
Blog 19 May 2017