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Encouraging children to explore the senses in a digital world
by Patrick Tonks
Digital technologies now play a big part in a child's developing life. From the living room to the classroom, the presence of screen-based technology has become the norm. But could such technology be changing the way children think, by reducing attention from much-needed sensory development?Read more
Blog 15 February 2017
Staying engaged at school when time is short
by Ruth Lowe
Think you don’t have the time to get involved in school? Think again… When you're a working parent, your time is limited and it can feel like there is little opportunity to socialise. I know from personal experience, it can therefore be difficult to have anything left ‘in the tank’ to dedicate to your child’s school or even just connect with other parents there. However, I believe it’s well worth carving out some time – as even a few minutes a week can make a big difference to you and your school, and be enjoyable too!Read more
Blog 30 January 2017
Exam Season: How Children Can Thrive (and Parents Survive)
by Annette Du Bois
There’s a missing element to exams that not many realise. It’s the key to emotional equilibrium for both the child and parent and it has nothing to do with revision!Read more
Blog 13 January 2017
PTA brings community together after devastating school fire
by Caroline Perryman
Sunday 30th October 2016 brought with it the terrible news that our lovely village school, St James’ Primary Academy on the Isle of Grain, Kent, had burnt down overnight. Word quickly reached everybody in the community and beyond.Read more
Blog 10 January 2017