PTA UK statement on Art Projects for Schools (APFS)


Supporting our members in their brilliant work to improve our children’s education is our priority.

Following the challenges they faced over the Christmas period, we’ve taken the decision to suspend Art Projects for Schools (APFS) position as a PTA UK Approved Supplier. We were saddened to hear of the disappointment experienced by a number of our members, and are therefore unable to recommend APFS as an Approved Supplier at this time.

APFS have advised us that they are offering refunds to any parents who may have not received their goods back in time for Christmas, or if there was an error which they were unable to correct in time. The refund form is available here. They are also contacting schools via the project organiser to (a) detail who is entitled to compensation, and (b) advise when invoices and fundraising cheques will be posted. Additionally, APFS have also re-instated their customer helpline - Freephone 0800 027 1939.

If you have any queries about compensation, please contact APFS on 0800 027 1939.

We will continue to liaise with APFS to ensure our members receive the levels of customer support that we expect.

Chivonne Preston, Operations Director PTA UK