The majority of our members tell us their main role is to raise funds and put on events to build the school community. And pretty much every PTA will put on an event sometime during the year. In this section we've pulled together our 60 years of knowledge to give you lots of ideas to help you put on a great event for your school.


Guide to organising fairs and fetes

Step by step guide on how to organise all your fair whether it’s Christmas, Easter or summer!Find out more

Teen-appropriate fundraising ideas

Our secondary school members have given us their tried and tested recipes for event success take a look at these great ideas.Find out more

What licences do I need to run a spring or summer fair?

It really depends on what you are doing at your fair as to what licences you’ll need. If you are serving alcohol you’ll probably need a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) and if you’re staging live amplified music or selling raffle tickets in advance, you may also need a music or lottery licence. Note: no music licence is needed for playing background music at the fete. Contact your local authority licencing team for more information and also check out our guides on licences.

What's the best way to organise cash floats for our upcoming event?

Some tricks of the trade to make this as simple as possible include: making every float the same; having simple £1 charges per stall or activity; keeping a copy of how you break down your floats so that you do not have to calculate the amounts at every event; giving the bank plenty of notice f when you need to the float and consider how cash counting aids can save you a lot of time both at the event and the bank. More useful tips can be found on our guide for PTA Treasurers.

Does PTA UK offer any resources to help publicise events?

Yes, we have two cheerful, downloadable, editable posters designed to help you promote your Summer Fair to your community, available in Word and PDF versions. Download them from the resources section of our Guide to Organising Fetes and Fairs.

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