Supporting my child's learning

A key aspect of involvement in education is to support your child's learning. But what does this involve? Well - it can include anything from helping them with their homework to setting up an environment that suits learning. Sometimes, just knowing that you are interested will help to motivate a child to try their best.

Here are some more specific examples of how you can support your child:

Supporting Homework

Not only does homework support what your child is learning about at school, it also gives you a chance to become involved in that learning process.

Preparing to start Primary School

The start of school can be an anxious but exciting time for both parents and children. Preparation for what to expect can help the whole family to ease any first day nerves.

Preparing to move to secondary

Whether your child has a year or days to go, the prospect of starting secondary school is charged with excitement and perhaps a little trepidation. We have some top tips here to help.

Reading with children
Evidence suggests that reading for pleasure has a very positive impact on educational performance. As a parent this is great news - reading with your child can be a fun and simple way to support their education, whatever their age.