Education Policy: Northern Ireland

We want to work with the Northern Ireland Assembly and other partners to:

Establish a parent body in every school. PTA NI has almost 300 PTA members, just under 50% of the estimated total number of PTAs in NI. In Scotland, the opportunity to create a parent body in every school has been in made statutory in the Education Act.

Continue supporting PTAs in NI through the charity registration process. The charities legislation has created huge challenges for PTAs. We continue to support our members with our model constitution, approved by Charity Commission NI and other preapproved resources, but much more needs to be done in communicating the legislative requirement to PTAs and providing the assistance required.

Provide opportunity for greater parent participation at policy level in education working with PTA NI and utilising PTA groups and district networks for PTAs (known as ‘PTA Hubs’). Supported by funding from the Department of Social Development, PTA NI is currently setting up PTA Hubs in Belfast and Carrickfergus. These hubs will become support networks for new and existing PTAs and a representative liaison body between parents, schools and government. We would ask that the appetite of parental participation at policy level is recognised and employed using these mechanisms.

Support further, innovative projects that maximise the potential parents and PTAs have to enhance learning, and build social capital and communities.

Read our manifesto in full here.