Research and Insights

PTA UK is proud to have member associations in nearly 50% of all schools. This means we are well-placed to reach parents with school-age children and are passionate to hear about their experiences and views. Parents want to have a say in education and it’s our mission that parents have the opportunity to do this including through the surveys we run or promote. As well as providing an evidence-base to our strategy, our parent insights programme also helps PTA UK give an informed parent perspective to the debate on education policy and practices.

PTA UK research with teachers summary 2017
Top six reasons from teachers on why schools should promote parental engagement.
The PTA UK Annual Parent Survey presents an annual snapshot of parents’ behaviour and attitudes towards their children’s school and education.
PTA UK Evidence Review

We set out the clear and latest evidence that school life and learning can be improved by harnessing the power of parents. Read the full report. 

Mother of all fears?
We recently asked parents what school-related issues concerned them the most. The overall results show that "protecting my child from bullying and cyber-bullying" topped the list. Here's what else you told us...