Name Labels

Easy fundraising for schools and PTAs with Stikins ® name labels; one multipurpose name label for all school uniform and personal belongings.

Save Time and Smile – and earn up to 30% commission for your school or PTA

Stikins ®: The Multipurpose Name Label for ALL School Items
Stikins ® name labels simply stick on and stay on; there’s no ironing or sewing required and these multipurpose name labels can be used to label almost anything, including uniform, P.E. kits, shoes and bags, lunch boxes and water bottles, books and stationery, and personal items that children simply won’t do without.

Successfully tested by an independent laboratory using the BS EN ISO6330 wash test procedure and fully sun cream resistant, our name labels have been thoroughly tested by tens of thousands of parents who have been ordering Stikins ® year after year since 2004.

Fundraising: One Step Registration for Year Round Fundraising
Name labels are a necessity for busy parents and schools who don’t have time to deal with lost property. Stikins ® are a brilliant, easy to use solution and our commission scheme means parents AND schools will benefit from every order – earning up to 30% commission on each sale, which can be used to fund all kinds of ongoing projects and plans.

Fundraising with Stikins ® is as easy as using the labels themselves; all you need to do is sign up!

We allocate a unique school/PTA code for parents to use, supply free leaflets and posters to help you get the very best results for your fundraising efforts, track your commission earnings, and send your commission out every year in October.

Visit our website to Find Out More or Register Your School or PTA to start fundraising today.


Nicola Finch - Aldereley Edge Community School, Cheshire

As a PTA we have been recommending Stikins from / to our parents for some time as quick and easy way of labelling school uniform items.  I suggested we should join the commission scheme as I use Stikins myself for my own children's uniform, snack boxes and water bottles and have always been pleased with the product and service.  Take up has been good, particularly among new Reception parents as we sent leaflets out with welcome packs and handed them out at the welcome evening.  We also send leaflets out in school bags at key points in the year, such as just before school holidays when parents are likely to be replacing outgrown uniform and other items. 

School are pleased that we are proactively trying to cut down on lost property and were very happy to put a link to the name labels site on our school website, earning us a generous 30% commission on each order.  Parents like the ease and speed with which they can label everything.  The PTA like the annual commission cheque - an easy way to raise funds while helping school and parents at the same time!

As the coordinator of the scheme, I like the fact I can easily log in and see where we're up to with commission and that we receive free leaflets and other advertising materials promptly when we need them.  I have always found Label Planet to be very pleasant and helpful to deal with.  I've only heard of one or two minor issues with the labels themselves (turned out to be a rogue faulty batch) and these were replaced quickly and without a fuss.  

We have been very pleased with the product and service we have received and have no hesitation in recommending / to other schools. 

Jan - Manor Farm Junior School

Manor Farm Junior School have been recommending Labelplanet Stikins to our parents for many years. The product is good, delivery very quick and by quoting our school number we get commission from sales.

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@Lucylastic_ @PopTartMum Brilliant! We hope you love them! (and don't worry - we get excited about labels too) 😍
@StikinsLabels @PopTartMum they arrived! Superspeedy delivery 👍 I'm excited to try them #IHaveNoLife
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