With a little help from our friends

If you really value your PTA UK membership, spread the word!

In our latest member survey, you told us the top things you value about your membership:

  1. Bespoke Insurance provided by Zurich designed specifically for PTAs.
  2. The wealth of information on the member-only areas of PTA UK’s website.
  3. Our Member Support Line with PTA experts at the end of the phone.

Chances are you know someone else who would value the member benefits on offer too!

So why not invite another PTA to join our network of almost 14,000 parent associations so they can save time and money, and have their valuable work supported by experts? Together we can share more ideas and make each other stronger.

As a thank you, if they sign up by 30th June, we will reduce your membership costs by 25% at your next renewal and apply the same discount for your friend when they join.

"PTA UK gives us the peace of mind that we have access to high-quality professional support and a list of trusted suppliers. We’ve been a member for 9 years and find it invaluable, particularly for advice and ideas on big events like our summer fair." Catherine Grinyer, Chair, Family & Friends of Epsom Primary School.

How do I recommend a PTA?

If you’re a PTA UK member you can recommend any other parent group. Simply follow these steps:

1. Share this page via email with your friend
2. Copy and paste this information into your email (fill in your unique information):

To receive 25% off PTA UK membership and enjoy all the benefits I do, please email info@pta.org.uk or call 0300 123 5460. You’ll be asked for my details (below) and your PTA’s details. You can pay by Direct Debit (saving you money), cheque or credit card. You’ll need the following information to hand:

  • [My PTA UK membership number]
  • [My school/PTA name and postcode]
  • [My name and email address]
3. When your friend joins, they need to enter your details on their application form so we know you've recommended them.
4. Once your friend has joined, we'll let you know by email.
5. You'll receive your discount at your next renewal and your friend on their first full year of membership.

Been recommended?

If you've been recommended by another parent group follow these steps to join and claim the offer:

1. Download the application form and Direct Debit form (if needed) and complete digitally or by hand.

To complete digitally, in Adobe go to tools and click 'fill and sign'. You'll be asked for your PTA's details and the details of who has recommended you so keep the following information to hand:

  • Recommender's PTA UK membership number
  • Recommender's full name
  • Recommender's school/PTA name and postcode.
2. Send your application to PTA UK.

You can do this via email (completed digitally or scanned) to info@pta.org.uk or by post to: 39 Shipbourne Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN10 3DS.

3. You can pay by Direct Debit (saving you money), cheque or credit card.
4. When you join we'll confirm your membership with a joining email.
5. You'll receive your discount on your first full year of membership (upon payment).

Please get in touch if you have any questions at info@pta.org.uk

*Terms and Conditions:

  1. Application form must be fully completed with the following recommender details:
    (a.) PTA UK Membership Number
    (b.) School/PTA Name
    (c.) School Postcode
    (d.) Recommender's Name
    (e.) Recommender's Email Address.
  2. Only one discount can be claimed throughout 2017.
  3. Discount awarded to the first PTA UK member who has recommended a school, any further referrals will not be accepted.
  4. To qualify as a new member, the association cannot have been in membership within the 12-month period prior to their date of joining.
  5. New member discount will be applied to the first year of membership.
  6. Membership will start on the day that payment is processed.
  7. Recommender (PTA UK member) discount will be applied at the next membership renewal date.
  8. Membership will increase to full price following 12 months' discount for both existing and new member.
  9. PTA refers to all parent groups including: PTA, PA, Friends, HSA, PFA, PTFA, Council and Partnership.
  10. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  11. The offer cannot be taken up online - offer must be taken up by email, post or telephone.
  12. Offer valid from 12.01am on Monday 8th May 2017 and ends 11.59pm, Friday 30th June 2017.